King County's Taliban: Sloth and Disinterest

Just a note to the approximately 750,000 King County registered voters who couldn't be bothered to make their ways to the polls - stroll through the sunshine to the corner mailbox - by Tuesday night:

Millions went to the polls in Afghanistan Thursday even while the Taliban upped its efforts to disrupt the country's presidential election. Two Taliban insurgents were killed in a gun battle in Kabul, the capital, and rockets fell on some towns. The U.N. expressed optimism about the turnout. "The vast majority of polling stations have been able to open and have received voting materials," a spokesman said...A Kabul student told Reuters that the violence would not keep voters away: "The Afghan people are used to living under the worst circumstances of insecurity and fighting, why should they be afraid to come out and vote?"

Afghanistan? You know, the dusty place where 800 American troops, 32 from Washington, have died in Operation Enduring Freedom? That Afghanistan.

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