K--- Cobain

Drugs will fuck you up and so will politics, as you can see at a nearly invisible tiny-ass park on a dead end street in desolate north Aberdeen. Around the bend from Felony Flats, the splash of greenery known as KC Riverfront Park last week was a homage to hometown musician Kurt Cobain and this week is mocking him, thanks to the censoring of his words by a city council member known for shouting "bullshit!" at council meetings. "Drugs are bad for you. They will fuck you up," a quote from Cobain included in a plaque embedded in the park lawn, now ends, "They will f--- you up," after a sandblaster was brought in to dash the spelling and suppress its effect. The plaque now says something Cobain didn't say and didn't intend, the self-fulfilling fantasy of newspapers and TV crews who've been meekly reporting the controversy in asterisks. The word "offends people," said council member Kathi Hoder, "and the city is not in a spot where we want to offend people." This in a city where its leaders have yet to resolve the historic offenses of soaring unemployment and a bombed-out downtown. "Personally, I could care less [about fuck] because I often mention that word when I shouldn't have," she added. This is when they should have. A sandblaster now speaks for Aberdeen; he left behind a public scar, and killed lively language in the process. In a comment in the Aberdeen Daily World, someone said, well, now they'll have to change the slogan on the city limits sign to "C--- as you are," since that's a bad word, too. Then again, not many cities have sites dedicated to censorship, and that's what they'll be c - - ing to see at f--- you up park.

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