It's no secret than Jan Drago shares a surname with that fearsome fictional pugilist from Rocky IV , Soviet machine Ivan Drago. Played by Dolph


Jan Drago's Missed Opportunity: America's Rocky IV Nostalgists

It's no secret than Jan Drago shares a surname with that fearsome fictional pugilist from Rocky IV, Soviet machine Ivan Drago. Played by Dolph Lundgren, Ivan was a scientifically tuned boxer who killed Carl Weathers' Apollo Creed (with his fists) before battling Sylvester Stallone's Rocky Balboa in one of cinema's more improbable climaxes.

What does that have to do with her failed mayoral run? Well, just as Joe Mallahan tapped the T-Mobile network for out-of-state support, so might Drago have called on America's Rocky IV fans. Check out the following passage from ESPN's Bill Simmons' "Mailbag" column this morning. (Also known as The Sports Guy, Simmons is probably sports writing's biggest name and has a huge readership.)

Q: Seattle has a mayoral candidate named Jan Drago. I am thinking of voting for her just based on her name or the chance that, when debating the city's proposed plastic bag tax/fee (which she is against), she will say "If it dies, it dies." Or should I read the voter pamphlet and make an informed decision?

-- Dave S., Seattle, Wash.

SG: I received this e-mail before Jan Drago failed to make the final three for November's election, which raises the question, how could you not vote for Mayor Drago??? You know how many of us would kill to have a Mayor Drago so we could make "I can't get over the size of this mayoral candidate!' and "What started out as a joke of an election has turned into a disaster" jokes? The only way I wouldn't vote for a Mayor Drago is if her opponent filmed a commercial in which they climbed a 20,000-foot mountain in Russia wearing only a parka and running boots, then reached the top and screamed, "Draaaaa-gooooooooooooo! Draaaaaaaaaa-goooooooooooo!" Actually, I'd still vote for Mayor Drago. And you know why? Because I vote for me. I vote for me!!!!

It's too bad for Drago this didn't run three weeks ago. She could have had some national cash for those coffers. Instead, she'll just have to say that she coulda been a contender.

Finally, Rocky IV is known for its epic training montages (which probably take up about 2/3 of the movie.) Here's the most famous one. If Drago is Drago, for obvious reasons, would the bearded, low-budget McGinn be Rocky? And how awesome would it be to see those two attempt to re-create this:

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