It's Worse Than We Thought: City Forecasts $72.5 Million Deficit for 2010

Actually, guys, it's 'less money, mo problems.'
Greg Nickels is lucky this didn't happen during the primary--though he'll be lucky to get to address it during the general. As he's often noted on the campaign trail, Seattle's been lauded for keeping its budget in order in tough times. But despite this year's cuts, the city projects to be $72.5 million in the hole next year--largely the result of various taxes bringing in less than was expected. The city has a little over $30.6 million in reserves, which means Nickels and the Council will need to make at least $42 million in cuts. (That or figure out a good get-rich-quick scheme.) Nickels says he'll be sending the Council a proposal with no cuts to direct human services or public safety. Everyone else might want to grab a paddle.

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