It's a Good Thing Matt Hasselbeck Can Take a Hit

If the hits keep coming, he may have to grow the protective Hasselstache.
The story line out of Saturday's pre-season Seahawks win over the Denver Broncos was that aging quarterback/always-injured-back Matt Hasselbeck withstood several hard hits without succumbing to injury. Writes the Seattle Times' Danny O'Neil:

Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck took a hit in Saturday night's exhibition game against Denver. A few of them, actually. He was sacked three times in the two quarters he played. He didn't break, didn't hurt his back and remained healthy enough to joke about it afterward.

That's a good sign, because it looks like he'll have to withstand some more. Not only is stellar left tackle Walter Jones out indefinitely with a knee injury, but starting center Chris Spencer tore his left quadriceps on Saturday, and will be out 4-6 weeks.

The offensive line was already a bit porous--three sacks in two quarters for Hasselbeck and a complete inability to run the ball. As Seely put it last week, "without Walter Jones, the Seahawk offensive line is instantly downgraded to one of the worst in the league."

Spencer isn't the star that Jones is, but his likely replacement is 6'5" 300 lb rookie Max Unger, whose name and frame are perfect for those NFL Campbell Chunky Soup ads, should he ever beat the odds and become famous while playing center. As a more modest aspiration, the Hawks have to hope that his learning curve is short--otherwise Hasselbeck could be in for an even longer year.

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