It Was 20 Years Ago ... Whatever.. BLEACH!!!

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November 3rd, the 20 year anniversary version of Nirvana's Bleach will be released. (The actual anniversary was last June.)

I just got off the phone with producer Jack Endino for a comment regarding the occasion. He said, "Considering it only took about 30 hours in the studio, and the equipment we used, I'm glad it sounds as good as it does.".

Jack - WTF?? There are many reasons for this record being an aural treat. First, I was in the band. (more on my utter lack of objectivity later). Second, Endino recorded it and finally, most importantly - the release is a tribute to the vision of Kurt Cobain.

There's going to be a vinyl version too. Jack and I got test pressings earlier this summer and the vinyl sounds killer. It's going to be pressed on white vinyl - just like the first issue. I put the tone arm down and the bass growl of "Blew" is there in all its Grunge glory. The CD is re-mastered too.

There are going to be many unseen photos of the band in the booklet. The package also includes a live show recorded on February 2nd, 1990 at the Pine Street Theater in Portland, Oregon with drummer Chad Channing.

Here's the song list from the release:

Bleach: Deluxe Edition

1. Blew

2. Floyd the Barber

3. About a Girl

4. School

5. Love Buzz

6. Paper Cuts

7. Negative Creep

8. Scoff

9. Swap Meet

10. Mr. Moustache

11. Sifting

12. Big Cheese

13. Downer

Live at Pine Street Theatre

1. Intro

2. School

3. Floyd the Barber

4. Dive

5. Love Buzz

6. Spank Thru

7. Molly's Lips

8. Sappy

9. Scoff

10. About a Girl

11. Been a Son

12. Blew

Go ahead and "Scoff" at me promoting a new product. That's OK - I still hope you feel my "Love Buzz".

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