Is Ron Sims Trying to Tweet Us Something About the Tunnel?

As King County Exec, Sims was known for many things--among them, his borderline compulsive use of Twitter (there's been little drop-off since his call-up to HUD), and his support of a surface/transit option for replacing the Alaskan Way Viaduct. Those two things came together yesterday. Though Sims was party to the agreement to go with the deep-bore tunnel, this Sunday morning tweet from the @simsron feed makes one wonder whether he wouldn't like to see the surface option revived:

Picture 46.png

The link goes to a news release in Science Daily about an Australian study that found that "[a] toxic cocktail of ultrafine particles is lurking inside road tunnels in concentration levels so high they have the potential to harm drivers and passengers." The levels can be up to 1,000 times those of normal ambient urban air. The biggest shocker? @mcginnformayor has yet to pick it up for a re-tweet. Update: Now it has.

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