In the End, the Puppies Always Win: Political 101 With Kurt Triplett

When last we left Interim (with a capital "I") King County Executive Kurt Triplett, he was waxing reluctant on the county's $56 million shortfall and all of the services he might have to cut in attempt to navigate the H.M.S. King County through budgetary equivalent of Syclla and Charybdis.

Then on Thursday he told the P-I he was still considering cutting funding for the county's two animal control shelters, and hoped that some private organization could assume operation. But then the Seattle Humane Society declined to take the bait, citing their own budget concerns. What came next sounded distinctly like thousands of pet-owning Seattlelites rending their garments at the idea of the Centers' residents being turned out into the cruel, dark night.

Cue the backtracking music.

Triplett now says that under no circumstances will the County Executive's Office "leave the the region without animal services."

Of course now Triplett has only a few weeks to decide whether the county will eat the budget hit, or find a replacement entity to take over Animal Control. Just ask yourself, Kurt, "What would Cooler do?"

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