If Bikes Are Good and Sharing Is Good, Maybe Bike Sharing Is Good

Despite the hills and rain, Seattleites commute by bike more than any other Americans except those in Portland and Minneapolis. And car-sharing is big here as well. Yet we've never managed to score ourselves a bike-sharing program.

In case it's not clear, a bike-share program is one where you can pick up a bike off the street use it, then return it (or, more often, leave it at another station) so that another person can use it. They're huge in Europe and as well as in Washington DC and Montreal, in North America. Portland had one for a long time, but discontinued it because of thefts and vandalism. (Here's a few ways to avoid such problems.)

Enter the County's BikeShare Expo at the South Lake Union Discovery Center today, where there'll be lots of info on bike-share programs and the opportunity to share bikes--and helmets--yourself. It's a step towards one-upping our too-perfect neighbor. Or at least a chance to try out a someday-this-will-be-hot program next to a someday-this-will-be-hot trolley in a someday-this-will-be-hot neighborhood. That way you can say you were there before they were big.

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