Hutchison Isn't Hiding for the General, Calls on Constantine to Debate

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They already love being in front of cameras.

Dow Constantine spent much of the King County Executive primary campaign focusing his attacks on Susan Hutchison, calling on her to make more appearances and discuss her past affiliations with groups like the Intelligent Design-pushing Discovery Institute and Republican candidates. At the time, Hutchison refused to discuss any past party affiliation, pointing out that voters made the office nonpartisan last November.

Based on her statements at her primary victory party at the Edgewater, you can assume Hutchison isn't feeling any more inclined to talk party politics, but no more avoiding forums as she did in the earlier part of the primary race. Today, Hutchison kicked out a press release, stemming from her appearance on KUOW earlier, challenging Constantine to a series of three televised debates.

"Sure, we're happy to debate, we think there will be multiple opportunities to do so," says Constantine spokesperson Sandeep Kaushik. He added that Constantine has already heard from television stations looking to pit the candidates against each other.

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