Hold That Train! (And, While You're At It, Fix that Machine)

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I had my first experience with running for a light rail train today. I got across the street from the Columbia City station just as the train was pulling up, waited a pause to let the train headed in the opposite direction leave, then made a break for it, grabbing my Ocra card out of my purse. I waved the scanner with my card as I ran past and just missed the mark. So I doubled back and scanned it more carefully. That's when I got the message that the machine was faulty. I had two choices: find another machine, or forget about it and run. I ran. Good thing the fare inspectors that have been roaming the trains have been satisfied merely to see an Orca card, rather than scan it to confirm that a fare was actually paid, as they have promised to do. Presumably, they'll wait until they've worked out all their mechanical problems.

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