Heavy Rock

Imagine making a casual comment, then having those words literally etched in stone. That's what happened to Kurt Cobain.

There's a monument near the legendary bridge that crosses the Wishkah River in East Aberdeen with the words "Drugs are bad for you. They will f--- you up" engraved in the stone.

The use of the "f-word" has ignited some controversy. In light of this, I want to make a couple of points. First, the intentions of the monument are good. The people who erected it want to convey the message that drug abuse is bad for you. And it's the truth.

Second, I can understand how some are upset with an expletive engraved in stone in what I gather to be a public place. There was a time when this was unacceptable. The saga of Lenny Bruce shows us that. Perhaps the "old ways" were kind of uptight, but then again contemporary culture has grown quite coarse. It's evident in old photographs where people were dressed up--today almost everybody is super-casual. I see people at the grocery store who seem like they're dressed for the beach. A lot of entertainment is just plain crass too. I'm not judging; these are only my observations.

Kurt Cobain was about way more than drugs. He was a talented artist who gave so much to the world. Using the f-word on a granite marker may be striking, but considering contemporary mores, it's not challenging. Cobain challenged people.

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