Former Times Scribe McOmber Now Three Sheets to the Wind

The notion of a couple ex-daily journalists starting up their own ultra-nichey website is hardly an earth shattering one these days. Still, Three Sheets Northwest, the website run by former scribe Deborah Bach and her former SeaTimes scribe/mayoral aide husband, Marty McOmber, is pretty unique. It focuses not on drinking, but on boating. Although most sailors drink -- a lot.

While McOmber (pictured above) moved on from a role as communications specialist (aka, "the dark side") in the Nickels administration to a similar gig with Casey Family Programs in April 2008, his wife, he says, is devoting most of her time and energy to the site -- and it shows. Hence, it wouldn't surprise us if Three Sheets became quite the portal (tar-har!) for regional sailors once McOmber and Bach get a stronger tailwind (double tar-har!) behind their endeavor. Also, their cat, Lily, craps in the toilet, ala Mr. Jinx from Meet the Parents. Cool.

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