Low-Budget Buddies: Dorsol Plants Joins the McGinn Campaign

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Last week, Laura Onstot called Dorsol Plants "the other incredibly effective low(er) budget candidate." At only 24-years-old, and with just a few thousand dollars in campaign contributions, he gave long-time local low-income housing advocate David Bloom a tight race for second in the campaign for City Council Position 4. Now that he's out, he offered a post-mortem of his campaign at a meeting of the Highland Park Action Committee (the linked account also includes two videos).

Among his remarks was the news that he's joined the campaign of Mike McGinn, the low-budget candidate who made Plants the "other" low-budget candidate. Plants will be acting as a campaign adviser on homelessness and social services issues--he's worked for a long time at a homeless shelter. McGinn says that he was "really impressed with Dorsol on the campaign trail," particularly on the aforementioned issues, so he called him up and asked him to become an adviser.

At the Highland Park meeting, Plants also endorsed Bloom and City Attorney candidate Pete Holmes (former head of the former Office of Professional Accountability, which handles complaints of police misconduct), thus positioning him as something of a bridge between the social justice (e.g. Bloom and Plants) and New Urbanist blocs that have occasionally found themselves at odds lately (as in, for example, the Jesse Israel/Nick Licata race)--which is a nice development for McGinn, who, as evidenced by yesterday's tunnel poll, is relying on new/unconventional coalitions.

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