Couple Gets 33 Months in Elderly Swindling Case

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King County Superior Court Judge Michael C. Hayden sentenced Michael and Katie Lambard, accused of befriending then stealing thousands of dollars from an 80-year-old North Seattle woman, to 33 months behind bars. According to police, the Lambards and other members of their family "adopted" Margaret Martin as a grandmother figure after meeting her at church. Eventually, Michael and Katie Lambard became co-signers to Martin's bank accounts and started writing themselves checks and purchasing new cars.

It was when the couple attempted buy two cars in two days in May 2008 that they were caught. A suspicious car dealer contacted Seattle police and last January, prosecutor Dan Satterberg charged each of the Lambards with 6 counts of first-degree theft (stealing more than $1,500) and 27 counts of second-degree theft (taking between $250 and $1,500). The charges are all felonies.

Earlier this month, the couple pleaded guilty to all six first-degree charges and three second-degree charges. According to Satterberg spokesperson Dan Donohoe, a hearing on how much the Lambard's will have to pay Martin as restitution will be scheduled at a later date.

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