Could Nickels Get Knocked Out in the Primary? The Plot Thickens...

A new poll from KING-5/SurveyUSA has Greg Nickels' lead dropping and Joe Mallahan and Mike McGinn closing fast--raising the possibility, however slim, that Nickels could do the Paul Schell and get knocked out before the general. (Nickels' outlook was a lot better in this week's Washington Poll.) The new numbers:

Nickels 22%

Mallahan 19%

McGinn 15%

Donaldson 11%

Drago 7%

Campbell 3%

Garrett 3%

Sigler 1%

Mallahan's polling big with the oldies--his top demographic is 65+, where he gets 32% of the vote. Meanwhile, Nickels' top demo is 18-34 year olds, a less reliable block of primary voters. Finally, the numbers bode ill for Jan Drago, who'd been running second in the SurveyUSA polls up til now.

Finally, as every other poll has shown for the last few weeks, the bag fee looks like it's going down by a double-digit margin. Jan Drago is looking to capitalize on the issue with new TV ad touting her opposition to the measure.

Maybe it'll work, as, in a not-so-shocking development, spending money is proving to be effective. Mallahan's been the only challenger running TV ads thus far, and the anti-bag fee campaign got about $1.3 million in bag industry money. Of course, money isn't everything--McGinn relies almost exclusively on volunteers, and, as we know, no one's flusher than Mayor Greg.

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