Backatcha: Nickels Campaign Finds More Missed Votes From Mallahan

Let's review: Joe Mallahan spent several months attacking Greg Nickels (occasionally ineptly, occasionally quite cleverly) while Nickels ignored him. Then Mallahan shot up in the polls, so Nickels hit him hard (and well) with a TV attack ad recounting Mallahan's lack of knowledge on city issues--and is about to go all robo on that azz. So Mallahan accused Nickels of sending a snoop after him and came back with an online attack ad portraying Nickels as a bumbling cronyist. Now Nickels has found more elections that Mallahan didn't vote in. Nickels' own ad, released earlier this week, says the number is 6, but yesterday afternoon, the Nickels campaign said a new check with King County Elections pushed the number up to 10. "Maybe Joe don't vote because Joe don't know," said Nickels spokesperson Sandeep Kaushik, apparently content to leave Jack out of it this time. Meanwhile, an eye for an eye makes everybody broke (except Mike McGinn, apparently). Your turn, Joe.

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