As Required by Law, Czar Gil Sees No Benefit to Legalizing Pot

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This pot smoker got his fist caught in his mouth, says the Drug Czar
Being drug czar comes with a few things. First, there's a $14 billion budget. Then there's making comically bad ads about marijuana. And finally, you're not allowed to ever say anything good about legalizing Schedule I drugs (i.e. drugs deemed to have a high potential for abuse and no known medical benefit, according to the FDA). It's a law. Seriously. It's even okay if you make misleading statements, says the General Accounting Office, as long as you're doing it to avoid supporting legalization. (See the same link).

So it's super persuasive when Gil Kerlikowske, back in town for the first time since taking up his new Czar-ship, says he sees no benefit in legalizing Schedule I drug marijuana. So, for the record, you couldn't raise any tax money to spend on social services and drug treatment by regulating a product that has no known lethal dose and causes way fewer problems than alcohol, nor could you save billions in criminal justice costs and lost productivity by not prosecuting and locking up non-violent tokers.

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