Aren't You a Little Young for That? Boeing's Dreamliner Has a Problem With Wrinkles

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And the tragicomic saga of Boeing's long-delayed 787 Dreamliner continues. Already two years past schedule, dealing with lame wings, losing orders, and having wasted a perfectly awesome roll-out narration by Tom Brokaw, the plane now has a stop-work order on its fuselage manufacturing because of wrinkled skin.

Boeing needs to go back and fix the old fuselages before it allows its Italian contractor Alenia to make any more. But the company says the wrinkles aren't a safety issue, so they won't delay the first flight any further than it's already delayed. (The same probably can't be said for filling their customers' orders.) The company also says it's just a coincidence that the stop-work order was handed down the same day they announced another delay in the first flight.

Meanwhile, Boeing's on the hook to pay the federal government $25 million for overcharging the Air Force for work on planes used in Iraq and Afghanistan. Apparently, you can't even overcharge on your war contracts anymore. This is the kind of stress that will give you wrinkles.

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