Anybody Else Watch That Game of Keep-Away at Qwest Last Night?

Over 60,000 folks witnessed it live, with many more tuning in on TV -- and by "that game of keep-away," I mean the Sounders' 4-0 loss to world champ Barcelona in last night's "friendly" at Qwest. It was actually more lopsided than that; when Euros aren't ripping their shirts off after goals, you know their intensity level is in the doldrums. A Sounder even touching the ball was cause for elation. It might serve the local team well down the road, but last night's game was the definition of "mismatch."

Equally lopsided was the battle between the two team's jerseys. The Barcelona squad wore pink get-ups with the beloved charity Unicef's name on the front. The Sounders, meanwhile, charged out in their green XBOX360 shirts. If there's one thing I can't stand about Sounder Fever, it's having to endure droves of people walking the streets with XBOX360 on their chests. It's corporatism at its scariest, and not very fetching to boot.

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