Another Poll Says It's Down to a Three-Man Mayoral Race, While Hutchison's Numbers Dip

If the last two days of smackdown (McGinn vs. Nickels!, Nickels vs. Mallahan!) aren't indication enough, another poll shows that those November's election is likely to feature two of those three. The new numbers, the result of two days of polling by Strategies 360 and Don McDonaugh Associates, show Nickels in the lead with 24%, followed by McGinn with 16% and Mallahan with 15%. After that, the competition drops off--Jan Drago's at 8% and James Donaldson's at 6%. The numbers aren't that far from those of the SurveyUSA poll earlier this week.

Meanwhile, the King County Executive Race's continues to tighten (to use the term loosely) although the top two remain unchanged: Susan Hutchison is down to 31% (from the mid- to upper-30s), while Dow Constantine's at 13%, Fred Jarrett and Ross Hunter at 6% each, and one-time Dem frontrunner Larry Phillips is all the way down to 5%. (Another pollster says Phillips isn't doing that bad.) The post-"Future's so bright" bounce we're all expecting has apparently yet to materialize.

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