Afternoon Vote Count Update: The Other Incredibly Effective Low(er) Budget Candidate

Dorsol Plants
There weren't any changes or shocking turnarounds in this afternoon's vote count. Greg Nickels is still losing to Mike McGinn and Joe Mallahan, and Susan Hutchison and Dow Constantine are still the finalists for King County Executive. But one thing that seems worth mentioning comes out of the race to replace Jan Drago (after coming in fifth in the mayoral race, she might be regretting that decision to retire) for City Council Position 4.

Unsurprising to everyone, Sally Bagshaw is cleaning up in that race, with over 51 percent of the vote. She got there by being whip smart, having the demeanor of the liberal grandma you always wanted, and being incredibly connected with bigshots in both parties, which led to a $158,000 war chest. What's more surprising is that in the race for second place, Dorsol Plants, a 24-year-old Iraq War vet and advocate for the homeless (with a pair of adorable ears), actually had a solid showing against long-time Seattle activist David Bloom. According to the current count, he has more than 14 percent of the vote.

Bloom won a trip to the general, but raised eyebrows when he only managed 18 percent of the vote (at last count) despite his long-standing local ties, a $69,000 fundraising effort, and cable television ads. Plants ran his campaign on a shoestring, raising less than $7,000. But he worked hard, attending every campaign forum and local political event he could while holding down a job at the Family and Adult Service Center trying to get homeless vets some kind of employment.

Possibly more than the McGinn campaign, which spent $43,000 to Nickels $534,000 but is currently in first place, Plants' campaign shows that even with no money, a lot of passion can get you some attention. Clearly it wasn't enough to win, but he gave Bloom a run for his money despite having almost none himself.

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