Mariners at the Trade Deadline: Looking to Keep Washburn (and Win Next Year?)

If Washburn's surprising success continues, it may be on the strength of his new off-speed pitch, the Dolphin.
Just one more day to make blockbuster trades, so what does newly beloved M's GM J-Z have in store for us? Apparently, keeping Jarrod Washburn, the lefty starter who is pitching better than he ever has (and, for those statistically inclined, better than he's ever likely to pitch again.) ESPN's Buster Olney says that the M's want to hang onto Wash past tomorrow's trade deadline and see if they can work out an extension. Does holding onto Washburn and giving up minor league pitching for a year-and-a-half of aging shorstop Jack Wilson mean the M's are looking to make a big push for 2010? (Here's a look at a likely 2010 roster.) If so, Jack will need a magic trade wand at the offseason meetings, Brandon Morrow will need to stop being a headcase, and/or the team will have to start spending like the big boys. So far we've seen signs of the first and maybe the second.

Also, just in case your trade wounds were feeling a little unsalted: 23-year-old Adam Jones, whom the M's gave up (along with All-Star Reliever George Sherrill and promising young arm Chris TIllman) in exchange for Erik Bedard, just homered for the third straight game yesterday. And if that's not salt enough: Remember this guy?

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