What Does It Take to Get Some Stimulus Cash up in Here?

We couldn't get any money for our city transportation projects, thanks to state legislators. Then, we almost didn't get any for our ferries (until Patty Murray turned the screws). Now, Seattle's been frozen out of the law enforcement stimulus cash--one of only four major cities to have been left off the list. (The other three are Houston, New York, and Pittsburgh.) The list of who did get money reads like a who's not who (e.g., Kalamazoo, MI, Huntington, WV, Mesa, AZ).

But the criteria for getting the grants--big budget shortfalls and high crime rates--don't favor Seattle. Our crime rate recently hit a 40-year low, and, even though the city had a budget shortfall this year, it was quite small compared to those of other cities, said a recent Pew study. (The only city with a better budgetary situation was Pittsburgh, which was also on the list of the spurned.) And we have gotten a few stimulus dollars for things like affordable housing. Still, come on, America--we gave you a drug czar and Joel McHale. Can't you give us a little cash?

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