We're Fatter Than CO, Drunker Than UT

We love statistics and maps, and thanks to Jezebel.com for linking up a few stat-maps. Above, shocking evidence that Coloradans are fitter than those of us in the exercise-obsessed Evergreen State. But at lest we're not so bad as those lard-asses in the Midwest and South. One reason for this, after the jump, may be connected to our beer-drinking and income levels...

Wait--Oregon drinks more beer than we do? How can that be? And we're getting hammered in microbrew consumption by Montana. (Or, to think of it differently, maybe Montana residents are getting hammered on cheap six-packs.) Nevada we expect to be the drunkest of the drunk. And Utah the most sober of the sober. And if you can't read that little stat-bubble, it states that America drinks more beer on July Fourth than any other day of the year. You see? Beer: it's patriotic.

But then look at this map above. Maybe Washington state is richer than Oregon, because they're spending more income on beer. But according to the obesity map up top, we're about equally fat. So maybe Oregon is buying more lite beer? This question demands a new map.
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