Tweet Away, But Don't Tweet That You're Away, Say AG, Cops

Could this be a jailbird?
Loose lips sink ships, they said in World War II. Today a KOMO article is arguing that loose tweets might sink home security, or something like that. Twitter, of course, is all the rage, used to chronicle everything from bank robberies to basketball games, and even to organize protests under repressive regimes. But when people tweet that they're away, digitally literate burglars might take note and strike, say police and Attorney General Rob McKenna. While searching Twitter and looking up people's addresses is more time consuming than noticing a stack of newspapers on the front porch, it does make sense that enterprising criminals might use the network to their benefit, whether for home break-ins or something like identity theft (or stalking, of course). Which of course raises a delightfully absurd prospect: the Twitter dragnet. The time may soon come when we watch a press conference in which a stoic, decorated officer boasts of catching a highly dangerous individual via a well-placed tweet.

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