Try the Flipbook! All the Browsability of Seattle Weekly's Paper Edition, in Electronic Form!

Look, we love the Web traffic, but we realize not everyone likes to click on a hundred different pages just to see all the contents of that week's print edition. If you're someone who enjoys browsing through the newspaper as if you had it right there on your coffee-stained table, you can now do it electronically--and without the coffee stains!

Just click on our new Flipbook. There you'll be able to page through this week's Seattle Weekly like you had it in your hands, zoom in and out--the works. It's even better than the print edition because it looks like it was printed on high-class, glossy paper, just like Vanity Fair. Don't forget to stop and admire the shiny and colorful advertising as you go. That's what keeps us all employed.

Find the Flipbook each week on the nav bar under the heading that says The Ads.

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