The Rise, and Fall, and Rise, of Frank C.

It's one thing to live to 92, which, as of his birthday last month, Frank Colacurcio Sr. has done. It's quite another thing, especially when charged with lowdown federal crimes, to remain upstanding in the community, and it seems he has done that, too. "Colacurcio Sr. regularly engages in sex acts with the dancers from the strip clubs," notes his latest indictment, "and allowed dancers who engaged in prostitution at the strip clubs to remain working at the clubs, sometimes in exchange for committing sex acts with him."

The secret to Colacurcio's legendary libido and staying power seems to be practice, practice, practice. His run-ins with females and the law start with, at age 25, a carnal-knowledge conviction of a girl, 16, and range to a probation violation at age 80 for grabbing, kissing, and propositioning a teenager he was interviewing for a topless job. By age 86, about the time Strippergate was unfolding, he got six months probation for grabbing a waitress's breast and offering her money for sex. In court filings last year, leading up to the grand jury indictment this week, the feds quote dancers saying Frank is "always trying to get me to his house" and that "he gets laid every night."

His further nonagenarian adventures are laid out in the newest court docs, which include conversations from bugs and taps: One day last year, Colacurcio was hearing a dancer's complaint that sex was getting in and out of hand at Rick's, his family's Lake City club. Furthermore, she said, "I think a couple girls are bad...they do the real dirty stuff..." Frank interrupted her: "Where are they?" he asked. "I need one!" Of course, he was only 91 then. Who knows if he could pull it off today.

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