Thanks to UW Researchers, This E-Mail Will Self-Destruct in 5, 4, 3, 2...

An ambivalent Cheney is torn between creepy smile and creepy sneer
Have you ever wished you could write e-mails that would just disappear, so no one can read them later? Dick Cheney has.

Have you ever wished there was an encryption system in which the encryption keys are dispersed widely and ultimately disappear, so that potential snoopers, like, say, the National Security Agency, have a harder time reading through your mail? Dick Cheney has not.

That's why the former VP is likely conflicted about the news that UW researchers have developed just such a system, which they've dubbed "Vanish." Right now, the prototype is based on a plug-in for Mozilla Firefox. Thus, Vanish could possibly claim the unlikely accomplishment of converting Dick Cheney to the ways of open-source.

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