TechFlash to Sponsor Nerdiest Ping-Pong Tourney Ever

Former P-I technology writer's John Cook's current venture, TechFlash, is sponsoring a 48-man, industry-wide ping-pong tournament on July 23 at the Georgetown Ballroom. To give you a sense for what a hard-fought dorkfest this will be, we'll let Cook speak for himself:

"We've already got our eyes on some key matchups in the early rounds, plus one "Group of Death" on the left side of the bracket where Microsoft southpaw Aran Dahl, Silicon Valley Bank spinmeister Mihn Le and PR/pong guru Rob Nachbar all will be in contention. We're also interested to see what Concur president Rajeev Singh brings to the table, who'll face a key first round matchup versus The Seminar Group's Christopher Terp. Venture capitalist Jon Staenberg -- who strutted his skills last night at Teddy's -- also could be a contender if he can get by either Big Fish Games' Glenn Walcott or WhitePages CEO Alex Algard in the second round. On the right side of the bracket, anything can happen. But after seeing the competitive fire last night of Madrona's Greg Gottesman (he beat yours truly and stole a match from Minh Le) the Seattle VC has got to be on the short list of contenders. (Rumor has it Gottesman once won a Stanford dorm tournament.) Gottesman, however, could face a critical second round matchup versus Concur's Dinesh Thomas. Findwell's Shannon Ressler and TeachStreet's Joseph Sunga also represent a compelling first round match-up."

Not mentioned in Cook's preview is GoTime co-founder Jeff "The Khadaver" Khadavi, who destroyed the competition last night at the Waterwheel without breaking a sweat. Our money will be on the Khadaver, who once won pong tourneys (or placed second in the entire school, anyway) as an undergrad at Emory.

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