Transpo Committee Gives You Something to Stream When You're Not Streaming MJ's Memorial

Transportation! Committee!
If you're looking to get an early start on taxing your employer's bandwidth, or if the spectacle of MJ's memorial gets to be too much, know that the City Council's Transportation Committee is meeting at 9:30--stream here--and, as mayoral candidate and Committee chair Jan Drago tweets, there are "many interesting items on the agenda!"

First, they'll be looking at the potential effects of a proposal to repeal the employee head tax--the $25 a year tax employers pay for each employee who drives to work alone. It sounds like a small amount of money, but it's apparently unpopular with employers, raises about $4.7 million annually for sidewalk improvements, and has been a source of some good mayoral campaign chest-thumping, so it's not that small.

Next, it's on to disabled parking placards, the Nickels campaign trump card.

Finally, they'll get an update on the Bridging the Gap levy money and look at changing some street classifications in Southeast Seattle to allow for bus routes, as well as changing the process for street vacations. I'd give more details on these exciting new proposals, but all the links to new legislation on the city site appear to be dead.

As for the MJ memorial, the P-I has the scoop on where to watch.

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