Smokey the Bear Returns to the Airwaves, and Not a Moment Too Soon

He's old enough to join the AARB (American Association of Retired Bears--zing!), but Smokey the Bear is still at it. A few weeks ago, the Advertising Council and the U.S. Forest Service teamed up for a new "Get Your Smokey On" set of public service announcements, starring America's #1 forest-fire-preventer--who just-turned-65.

Apparently, we still need him--especially given how dry our summer's been. Just today, in West Seattle, by the Riverview Playfield, the brave men and women of the Seattle Fire Department had to fight a 200' x 200' brush fire. When Smokey says "only you can prevent wildfires," it's not limited to the mountains. It applies to West Seattle, too.

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