Shawna Who? Minutemen, Pols Know Nothing

Down in Phoenix, Stephen Lemons writes in New Times, Seattle Weekly's sister paper, how Minuteman groups and assorted politicos are still rushing forth to disown Shawna Forde, the Everett-born border vigilante and accused double-murderer profiled in this week's SW (it's also the cover story at Phoenix New Times). In particular, Lemons notes, Forde's outlaw group "was formed after she left the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, founded by Chris Simcox, who is now a long-shot hopeful for the 2010 Arizona Republican primary nod against U.S. Senator John McCain." Simcox has since called Forde "an unsavory character," as accused murderers tend to be. Lemons also notes that Jim Gilchrist, who co-organized a Minuteman group with Simcox, financially supported Forde and was in contact with her after the killings (though unaware, Gilchrist said, that she'd been involved). Forde claimed she had enlisted with Gilchrist's Minuteman Project, but in an e-mail to SW today, Gilchrist now flatly denies that. "Shawna Forde was never a member of the Minuteman Project," he writes. "She apparently fabricated that, too." And on it goes...

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