Seattle Ranks No.1 City for Dating? WTF!

The August issue of Marie Claire ranks the country's top cities for single girls looking to date... and Seattle came out... on top?

Huh? To make their list, the magazine looked at census data for 20 cities and compared:1) the ratio of available men to women, 2) fitness of dudes, 3) accessibility of mass transit, 4) the time of last call at bars, and 5) the number of Starbucks and movie theaters. Holy fuck. How ridiculous are some of these categories? I suppose I'll just go down the list...

1) The ratio of available men to women: Okay, this makes some sense. I just hope they weeded out the available men who like men. Because we sure have a lot of those who could've skewed the data.

2) Fitness of dudes: Once again, right on. If dudes are fit, they're not keeling over and dying--hence they'll be around long enough for us to date them.

3) Accessibility of mass transit: Hold it right there. Who the fuck wants to date a guy who takes the bus everywhere?

4) The time of last call: In my experience, the guys you meet at last call are good for one thing only. And it ain't dating.

5) The number of Starbucks and movie theaters: Well, of course Seattle placed first. We've got like a million coffee shops in every neighborhood.

Sorry, but I've gotta call bullshit on Marie Claire's findings. Seattle's an okay city for dating, but it's not great. (I speak from personal experience.) It's got to be the Starbucks factor that pushed us the top of the list...

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