Seattle Police Officers Guild Endorses Opponents of Candidates Who Called for More Oversight of Seattle Police Officers

The Seattle Police Officers Guild released its endorsements today, and it chose to endorse in only four races. Two of them, it seems, go back to the brouhaha over a 2007 report on police misconduct and internal review.

Back then, current City Attorney challenger Pete Holmes was head of the Office of Professional Accountability. He pushed for the release of a report that found that then-SPD Chief Gil Kerlikowske had interfered with investigations to protect cops who commit misconduct, and reduced rogue cops' punishments, without explanation, below what the disciplinary board recommended.

Kerlikowske accused Holmes of playing politics. Greg Nickels accused Nick Licata of leaking the report. Licata, among others, took Holmes' side, saying that the problems were long-standing and that, "A lot of people are intimidated by the force of the police chief and the mayor. It's not a pleasant position to be in, but it's the right one." Guild Chief Rich O'Neill called the report part of a ploy by Licata to expand civilian oversight of police.

So it was no shock today when the Guild endorsed Holmes' opponent, Tom Carr (who was involved in the 2007 dispute and another report-related dispute with Holmes in 2004), and Licata's opponent, Jesse Israel. Also getting Guild nods: former prosecutor Sally Bagshaw and Judge Anne Ellington.

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