Ride The Dolphin, Jarrod!

Traditionally quite hittable Mariners pitcher Jarrod Washburn was suddenly unhittable last night, pitching the 10th 1-hitter in Mariners history. As Dave Cameron at the USS Mariner notes, everything was in place for Washburn: "Ridiculously Good Command + Flyball Lefty + Safeco Field + Terrific Outfield Defense = Awesome."

But the P-I's Greg Johns says there's more than that. In addition to being backed up by an excellent defensive outfield, Washburn has developed a sinker and, most importantly, a newly nasty curveball, dubbed "The Dolphin." Says catcher Rob Johnson, "There hasn't been one hit off it this year. Not one." Which sounds totally implausible and like something out of a Disney movie. But we'll take it.

Of course, a Disney movie might require an actual dolphin that lives in his locker, which is actually a portal to an infinite-like Narnia-esque water world. That would be awesome.

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