Preps or Perps? How About Both?

As any old-timer or anyone who's watched Public Enemies will surely tell you, these days, bankrobbers just ain't what they used to be. Which is probably a good thing--we don't need a bunch of dudes with Tommy guns showing up at the local credit union. Today's bank robber is more likely to walk softly and sport fake dreads, or some other type of cheap wig.

But the dudes who pulled of the July 18th heist of a Burien Bank of America--pictured in the FBI-released photo at left--are a little more fashion-conscious than their contemporary counterparts, and a bit of a throwback in the use-of-force department. Dressed in plaid and argyle, they look like they could be headed for a day on the golf course. (And the bigger of the two bears a resemblance to Charles Barkley, which, combined with his gentlemanly attire, evokes memories of Sir Charles' Right Guard commercials. And claiming to be armed (the larger robber may have flashed the butt of his handgun), they're following in the footsteps of their predecessors. Not sure what's doing with the hard-hat, but they did use a gold Cadillac for a getaway car, so they're definitely keeping it country-club real.

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