PostGlobe Gets New Cash Flow

Seattle PostGlobe, struggling to stay afloat after 3 1/2 months, says it has raised enough to remain online at least three more weeks. But it's "still far short" of the $100,000 it needs to publish a full year, says PG editor Keri Murakami. The P-I alumni site launched in a slow roll April 14, a month after the P-I folded its print edition. But it didn't get in second gear until weeks later with a re-design (the PG partners with KCTS and Seattle Weekly, which sells ad space for the site and shares the revenue). The bylines of P-I alums have been sparse and the coverage understandably spotty.

Yet even while it struggles, it achieves, says former P-I reporter Murakami, in a blog post. "We were to first to report the deadline facing Nickelsville and we were the only journalists to accompany the homeless encampment on its move," he notes. Murakami has scored a couple scoops on his own, such as the questionable $40,000 bonus that City Hall quietly slipped City Light Superintendent Jorge Carrasco, and has hired former Seattle Weekly reporter Philip Dawdy to freelance as long as the money holds out. "Our goal," says Murakami, "isn't to compete with or, but to do the stories that aren't being done after more than a third of professional journalists have lost their jobs in recent years."

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