Patty Murray to Ray LaHood: Give Us The Ferry Money--and Go Make Me a Sandwich!

Now where's that sandwich?
Yesterday, everyone was in an uproar over the fact that the Obama Administration gave Washington State Ferries--the nation's largest ferry system--only $750,000, or less than any state ferry system besides Arkansas' and Kentucky's. (Chris Kornelis says it's because the Indian food-jonesing Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood rode the Bremerton Ferry--against the wishes of local ferry authorities.)

Then Patty Murray--whose money-finding abilities are formidable--placed a call to LaHood to ask, what's the deal? "He didn't have an answer," she says. Then, voila, Washington got an additional $7.6 million, making us the biggest winner among the states.

All it took was one phone call to get the deal. That's some Jedi mind-trick business. Even Don Corleone had to resort to severed horse heads. Should she ever get tired of representing Washington state, perhaps Murray could throw down as a sports agent. Scott Boras, you're on notice!

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