Pacman Jones Shooting: Edwards Wrong Guy?

Arvin Edwards of Renton, the accused gunman in the 2007 Las Vegas stripclub shootings involving NFL bad boy Adam "Pacman" Jones, was supposed to be on trial this week. But his case has been delayed until February while the Nevada Supreme Court reviews a claim that prosecutors withheld evidence from the grand jury that indicted Edwards. And newer events have cast doubt on his role in the shooting.

Jones, the player currently without a team, is among those who have fingered Edwards as the shooter who wounded two and left a club bouncer paralyzed during NBA All-Star Weekend when a disturbance broke out - ignited when Jones and others began tossing money into the air from a bag holding more than $80,000 cash. The LV Review-Journal recently quoted Jones as identifying Edwards (left above, R-J photo) in the Yakima jail the instant he saw him. "I already know who it is," Jones reportedly blurted out as Edwards and five other suspects were still entering the room for a lineup. He recognized Edwards' neck tattoo - "GANGSTA" it says. Edwards also has a shriveled arm, the result of a 2002 shooting in his native New Orleans (he relocated to Seattle after Katrina).

But Edwards and his attorneys say prosecutors have the wrong man. "They couldn't find who they wanted to find," so they found him, Edwards says. It defies logic that he simply walked up in a parking lot and offered to shoot people on Jones' behalf, as Jones claims, he says. More importantly, the paralyzed bouncer identified another man as the shooter. "I was really happy at first [when Edwards was arrested]," he told the R-J. "My second emotion was I hope this is the right guy. I wish I could identify him..."

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