One-Armed Push-ups for City Council

After last night's Candidate Survivor, you may have new criteria for choosing your City Councilmembers. The event pitted City Council candidates against one another in Council-related and distinctly non-Council related competitions. Apparently the highlights included multiple City Council candidates admitting that they'd skinny-dipped in Lake Washington and smoked pot (may we suggest Howell Beach?), aspiring councilmember David Bloom's rendition of "Teenager in Love" and, this is my favorite, one-armed push-ups by council candidate Dorsol Plants. It's a stunt rarely seen outside of Rocky movies and the Academy Awards, but it would make a grand rhetorical gesture at a Council meeting.

Imagine, in the midst of a heated debate, a certain Councilmember Plants gets down and does a bunch of one-armed push-ups, just to show everyone he means business. And lest you discount the value of this exercise, note that Plants was ultimately the night's winner, as on Survivor, there can be just one. Also worth noting on the muscle front: Mayoral candidate Mike McGinn showed he can throw a couple elbows with the big boys.

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