Obama's Transportation Chief to WSF: Suck It, I Rode the Bremerton Ferry

Obama Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has seen the Bremerton ferry.
Ha! There it is. After years of using the Bremerton-Seattle run as a glad rag and trying to rub it out of the system, the chickens have come home to roost.

In case you haven't heard, of the $60 million bucks reserved for ferries in the stimulus plan, Washington State Ferries got $750,000. So, basically nothing. Not enough to pay for a year's supply of moist towelettes for the Bainbridge riders. Governor Gregoire is shocked: "I am extremely disappointed, and I am asking questions. We have the largest ferry fleet in America, and we didn't get anything. I don't get it."

Well, you should. Obama's Transportation Secretary, Ray LaHood, (you know, the guy passing out the checks), made a visit to Bremerton last week for the opening of the new tunnel in Bremerton (the kids are calling it Norm Dicks' Bremerton Underground Transportation Tunnel, aka Norm Dicks' BUTT.) And The Seattle Times is reporting that LaHood rode the Bremerton ferry while he was in town. KA BOOM!

What happened? You use the toilet paper? Your boat not show up? Did "Wind Damage" poke a hole in the side of the boat?

I can just hear David Moseley and Paula Hammond trying to talk you out of the trip:

LaHood: I hear the Bremerton ferry run is as beautiful as these waterfront parks.

Moseley: Ah, yeah, well, but, you know, there isn't another boat for three or four hours and the drive to Bainbridge is pretty nice. Plus, it's kind of a tradition to drive from Bremerton to Bainbridge to catch the ferry. It's almost more convenient.

LaHood: Three hours? Hot damn, I'm gonna love me some all-you-can-eat buffet at New Delhi.

Hammond: Um, Mr. Hood, one secretary to another, I think you'll like Bainbridge. It's kind of a gated community.

LaHood: Gated community? I'm in the Obama administration, not just another affluent, self-important, out-of-touch liberal!

Moseley: Mr. Hood.

LaHood: Please, call me secretary.

Moseley: I think the Bainbridge ferrry is much more representative of the future of WSF.

LaHood: Oh, please. What? They don't have soft pretzels on the Bremerton boat? Now come on, I'm jonesing for a plate of Tandoori Chicken.

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