Note to Maloof Bros: Spencer Hawes Is Too Cool for Your Summer League Schedule, and You Know What It's Like to Be Too Cool

Seriously, how cool are these guys?
Much has been made of the reunion of local prep stars-made-good/UW teammates Jon Brockman and Spencer Hawes on the NBA's Sacramento Kings. (Brockman is a Snohomish High grad, while Hawes balled at Seattle Prep).But those hoping to see the two together in the summer league, when Brockman will actually get to play, have been disappointed: Hawes has decided he's too cool for the affair.

Actually, he cites some nagging injuries and a basketball camp he's supposed to coach, but everyone knows that third-year players don't do summer league. Especially third-year players who had good second years, which Hawes had. Showing up to summer league would be like joining the A.C Green abstinence-promotion tour. Unless you're Nate Robinson, in which you win Summer League MVP and get your jersey retired.

The Kings are reportedly not happy with Hawes' decision. But the Kings are run by the casino-owning, Lil Wayne video-appearing, playmate-friendly, undoubtedly Axe Body Spray-scented Maloof Brothers. Those guys should know better than anyone that when you're a baller, there are some games you just can't make.

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