Few Like Him, But Many Endorse Him: Nickels Snags Another Nod

At last check, Greg Nickels' approval rating was 31%, but you'd never know it from the way he racks up endorsements--at least endorsements of organizations other than District Democrats. He picked up another biggie last night when the King County Labor Council--a group representing about 150 unions--gave the mayor their nod.

This is on top of 11 individual union endorsements and endorsements from the Cascade Bicycle Club and Washington Conservation Voters, who might have been expected to throw their weight behind Sierra Club and Uptight Seattleite-endorsed Mike McGinn.

His not-so-convincing walk on the non-picket-line-crossing tightrope hasn't cost him much in the way of labor support. Unions either like him a lot (for things like the industrial lands downzone) or really want to stay on his good side for a third term.

Speaking of staying on his good side, the seemingly torrential flow of city employee donations to the Nickels campaign is only half as torrential as thought--the Ethics and Elections Board admits that they miscalculated, counting each donation twice. Too bad for the mayor--endorsements or not, with a 31% approval rating, he probably could've used the extra $60k.

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