Mallahan Plays the Clever Card

Saturday's Sounders/Chelsea game provided plenty of opportunities for mayoral campaigning. Norman Sigler offered tickets for donations, and Joe Mallahan had the quite clever idea to distribute not flyers that no one wants, but rather yellow cards that fans could wave to show their displeasure with Chelsea's play. Since two yellow cards equals an ejection, Mallahan's handout gives Nickels yellow cards for the SDOT snow response and for disbanding the gang unit.

The cards are a continuation of Mallahan's recent aggressive attack strategy. Last week, he sent out, in installments, a mostly flat-falling top-5 list that schizophrenically veered from seemingly anti-transit to pro-transit positions. The "Why Greg Nickels Has to Take the Train" list ripped on everything from the new light rail line's noise to allegedly toxic paint in bike lanes. (It does land a more solid jab in noting the slow pace of sidewalk construction under Nickels' tenure.)

The yellow cards--issued while Nickels was basking in the opening of the new train line--aren't a lot better on content (seriously, how many snow plows should the city pay to keep in its fleet?), but at least they're fun for fans. Nevertheless, no matter how many yellow cards Chelsea got, they were still going to be too much for the Sounders.

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