Scared of a Little Competish? Microsoft to Bring Trademark Ballmer Intensity to Apple's Doorstep

In an episode of the sitcom Arrested Development, Michael Bluth's brother G.O.B. opens a frozen banana stand across the boardwalk from Michael's own--and begins slashing prices. Michael tells him to take it down and G.O.B. accuses Michael of being scared of "a little competish." Michael responds with his own price cuts and puts his son George Michael in a banana suit. G.O.B. brings out girls in bikinis. Michael has his son arrive in a jet pack. G.O.B. turns to fireballs. And on and on it goes until they realize that their dad set them up to fight and they decide to team up against him.

Since Steve Jobs and Steve Ballmer (shown here for the 1,000th time doing an impression of Bobby Knight in a Gloria Estefan video) don't share the same dad--only George Foreman gives his kids the same name--we can safely assume that they won't reconcile with each other and unite against him after Microsoft starts opening stores right next door to Apple's this fall. But maybe, if we're lucky, we'll still get banana suits, bikinis, jet packs, and fireballs.

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