Jesus Does Jackass: Man Throws Bicycle in Front of Motorcycling Passion of the Christ Star

When he was Jesus--on film, that is, in the much-debated Mel Gibson epic, The Passion of the Christ--Mt. Vernon native James Caviezel endured all sorts of slings and arrows on his way to his earthly demise. So many, in fact, and such violent ones that New York Times writer Frank Rich called it "a porn movie" with "orgasmic spurtings of blood."

But none of Caviezel's cinematic sufferings was as bizarre as the attack he experienced yesterday--which seemed more out of the Jackass playbook. Caviezel was riding his 2006 Harley Davidson near Leavenworth when a man threw a bicycle in front of it, causing Caviezel to crash. Fortunately, the actor was helmeted and suffered only minor injuries. Perhaps in his next film, he can do his own stunts.

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