Insert "Sent Up the River" Jokes Here: The Inner Tube Bandit Gets 6 Years Hard Time

curcio inner tube.jpg
Remember Anthony Curcio, the Lake Stevens man who robbed a Monroe Bank of America and then made his getaway on a life raft? His plan, alas, was not foolproof--according to court records he was later identified by a homeless man who had witnessed him practicing for the heist. Well, earlier today a federal judge sentenced the real life wet bandit to six years incarceration. Next stop, federal prison.

Still, Curcio deserves his own spot in regional bank-robbery lore. Innovator that he is, the twenty-eight-year-old former landscaper not only employed the wig and/or mask gambit that has become popular with the bank-heist set, he also hit upon the idea to hire, via-Craigslist, other landscapers to show up at the bank wearing similar clothing, thereby confusing the pursuit as he floated away with a bag containing $400,000. The only question that remains now is which version of the Thomas Crowne Affair he cribbed the idea from. Can't be sure, but it's unlikely that the Pierce Brosnan re-make could inspire anyone to do anything, nefarious or otherwise.

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