Inch by Inch, Row by Row, I'm Going to Make My Poll Lead Grow

Soon it'll be up to my knees!
Endorsed by many but approved by few, and with light rail about to go live, Greg Nickels remains the top dog in the mayoral race--albeit with only 26% of surveyed voters intending to vote for him. (This in the latest SurveyUSA/King-5 poll.) Still, that's two points better than the last time, while his nearest challengers Jan Drago and James Donaldson lost one and three points, respectively, off of their poll positions. Joe Mallahan gained two points and Mike McGinn stayed steady. (If you're scoring at home, Nickels 26%, Drago 15%, Donaldson 11%, McGinn 8%, Mallahan 8%.)

A couple notable demographic breakdowns from these monumental shifts (all of which are within the margin of error from the previous poll): Nickels increased his support among voters aged 18-34 from 22% to 30%, and among black voters from 26% to 34%.

Nevertheless, while hizzoner has ascended, the disposable shopping bag fee that his supporters support has gone down--it now polls at 51% no to 42% yes. Not good news for bag fee proponents, as "no"s tend to increase as election day nears.

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