Jarrod Washburn Returns to the Trading Block, Erik Bedard Returns to the DL, a Bear Shits in the Woods

As reliable as the sun or moon or tide, Mariners pitcher Erik Bedard has returned to his rightful place on the Disabled List, with--get this--left shoulder trouble. Of course, it was his left shoulder that troubled him last year, too. The injury will make it impossible to trade him before the July 31st deadline, as you can't trade someone on the DL. To reiterate, for the millionth time, the Mariners traded an All-Star reliever (George Sherrill), a potential All-Star outfielder (Adam Jones), and a top pitching prospect (Chris Tillman) for a guy with one good shoulder--the one he doesn't pitch with.

In other pitchers who should be traded news, it's looking increasingly likely that the Mariners will deal overachieving lefty Jarrod Washburn to the Milwaukee Brewers in exchange for some help at shortstop, likely in the person of J.J. Hardy. Apparently, Jack Zduriencik is not in love with Ronny Cedeno's .526 OPS. Still, we were hoping for Rich Aurilia.

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